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The Shumaker Family

Our Missionaries in Selmer, TN.


Bro. Mark, Windy, Courtney, Abigail, & Blake Shumaker

In July of 2007 Emmanuel Baptist Church sent the Shumaker family to start a fundamental baptist church in Ralston, NE.  With the help of the Lord and many other like faith churches, they arrived there ready to work.  Their first service was held on August 12th. 2007 in the Hillcrest Landing shopping plaza in Ralston, NE. The Shumakers were able to successfully plant this church & when they became a self-functioning local church, they left it in good condition as the Lord led them.

In August of 2015 by the Lord's direction the Shumakers took a struggling church in Selmer, TN to be the missionary pastor & see it restrengthened.  Their goals are to assist this church in every area. Bro. Shumaker serves at their pastor but recieves no salary due to the church's financial struggles at this time so they still need monthly missionary support. 

If you are interested in having the Shumaker family in for a mission's conference or a Wed PM service to have them present this work please contact Bro. Shumaker at 662-660-3079.

Pastor Mark Shumaker
Faith Baptist Church
1301 Peach St
Selmer, TN. 38375

Bro. Shumaker's email:

"We are so proud to have this great family representing not only the Lord, but also Emmanuel Baptist Church.  They are doing a wonderful job in Selmer. We ask that you pray for them as they serve the Lord there and that you might also consider partnering with them in monthly support." Pastor David Harrell