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Emmanuel Missions


At Emmanuel Baptist Church we believe in world-wide missions and we support 61missionaries throughout the world. Also, each January we have our annual "Mission's Day" in which we bring new missionaries in.   Below is a list of the missionaries that we support.




The Regions Beyond:

   Gary Ashley - Puerto Rico

Vincent Agbodo - West Africa

Dennis Cellistine-Grenada

David Dimante - Philippines

Serge Fayette - Haiti

Bobby Gates - Mexico

John Gunter - Bolivia

Travis Harris - Belgium

Bob Hines - Philippines (Deaf)

Trent Horton - Honduras

Lewis Howell - New Zealand

James King - Brazil

Clayton Morris - Romania

Marlin Peterson - Uganda

Paul Pritchard Jr. - Portuguese & French Speaking Nations

Solomon Rao Saripallis - India

Kipp Rayfield - Brazil

Kent LaBouve - Bahamas

Bruce Rice - Philippines

Mike Ring - Brazil

Tim Searles - Thailand

Nathan Ring- Brazil

Dennis Thomas - Latin America

Tommy Tillman - Lepers in Thailand

David Wise - Latin America

Neal Ray - China

Vito Aomi-Himalayan Kingdom

Kyle Shreve - Peru

Wayne Cooke - Columbia

Caleb McCollum - Germany

Raymond Abou-Mekhael-Lebanon & Arab World


    "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway," - Matthew 28:19, 20



 The United States of America:

Jesus First Youth Camp-Ministry of EBC

Mark Shumaker - Selmer, TN. (**out of our church)

BEAMS (Bible Education & Missionary Service) - Gulfport, MS.

Travis Baker - North Dakota

 Travis Campbell - Macedonia Missions

Christian Law Association

Christian Serviceman Center

James Estes - Rock of Ages

Fellowship Tract League

Curtis Gibson - Louisiana

Jesse Hailey - South Dakota

Happiness Hill Girl's Home - Union, MS.

Louise Hyatt - Veterans

Jeff Kruntz - Fair Haven Men's Home

John McKinny-Montana

Lance Neal - Prison Ministry

New Beginnings Girl's Home

Spence Powell Jr. - Rock of Ages

Steven Sykes - New Mexico

Daniel Vaughn - Idaho

Duey Whitefield - Pennsylvania

Jonathan Keeling - Shunem Helps Ministries

Ken Kraich - Fishers of Men Ministries

Ray Dombeck - Chalkart Evangelism/BEAMS

 N0rman Brockway - Hispanic America

Bobby Barnes - Evangelist

 Bill Goins - Calvary Stand Printing Ministry

Steven Sullivan - Church Planter to Maine

Charles Hamilton - Church Planter to Greenville, MS.

Mauricio Villareel-Spanish Speaking People in Greely, CO.

Daniel Fried - Hope of Israel Baptist Missions

Abram Thomas-Church Planter to Los Angeles, CA

Bible Literature & Missionary Foundation

John Beck-Macedonia World Baptist Missions